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Circus Freak

- Strip n°391
I don’t want to make it sound like I’m grumbling, but sometimes I wonder how reporters choose their questions. Apart from a few blessed specialists (praises to you !) that go the extra mile to do real investigative journalism, I always have the feeling that they don’t care at all about the answers, because you could get those from a google search, without even reaching out to me. I deduce that they are after the questions, and their barely hidden accusing undertones, like in the bad TV news report : *voice of a dead yak* “But those so-called free apps, are they reaaaaaaly ? Are the promises of the mass market retailing truthfuuuul ?”

Or maybe they don’t care about anything and are all dead inside…

I believe I don’t like the media…

Oh and I ended-up grumbling anyway, too bad !

Have a great week you all !

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Commentaires :

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IonDragonX Le à , a écrit :

Love it! The ticker tape at the bottom of the screen is a nice touch. Thanks for always making a great comic!

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    Thank you to follow us ! English people are rare ^^

EbonySable Le à , a écrit :

In the author comment at the bottom, “medias” should be “media”. “Media” is the plural form of “medium”.

Love the strip, and I’d love to see Cryo-girl again! (Even if just in an artwork)

ZPedro Le à , a écrit :

(back from holidays) How do we choose our questions? That’s easy!

First, we start with an assumption. Given that we ourselves knew jack squat about you before reading the press kit (and that is assuming we even bother to read the press kit), the assumption likely comes from how our editor gave us the assignment, for instance: “Hey Pierre, this girl is somehow making a buzz in the hip youth segment on the social networks with her silly doodles, go get an interview of her stat!”; so our assumption in this case is “something between a circus performer and a monkey doing funny tricks”.

Then, we go to the hat marked with our assumption, then pick out of it pre-written, run-of-the-mill, generic questions fitting the assumption, and if necessary we sort them so that it sounds like a narrative of some sort. It’s just most efficient (read: less work) that way. Then away we go for the interview! Once it’s in the box, no point in doing further work like fact-checking or putting it in any sort of context, away to the copy editors it goes.

(Just kidding, of course… That is most definitely not how my interview with Maliki on Fleen came to be, which is why I’m not worried about being dead inside or something)

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