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- Strip n°600
Sometimes, life slaps you in the face. You were enjoying innocent holidays with friends when suddenly, you're face down in your misery, a pair of prescription glasses on your nose. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Or it kills us a little, but very slowly?
COME ON! Let's talk about something else!!

I'm not that much into big numbers and symbols, but thank you for still being there after all these years. Looking back, I can hardly see, very far away, the point at which I started.
But then, I need glasses, so...
Take care!

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ebonysable Le à , a écrit :

The ingredients in the French strip are very different to the English one – Water, sugar, 5% fruit juice from concentrate (orange, mandarine), acidifiant [possibly acidity regulator?]: citric acid, vitamins (C, E, and whatever “pro-A” is), stabiliser: acacia gum, thickener: guar gum, natural orange flavour and other natural flavours.

Regarding glasses, I’ve worn them more than two-thirds of my life. If you get comfortable ones, you’ll notice them about the same amount as you notice clothing. Personally I prefer ones with thin frames so that I can barely see them, but I have met people who prefer thicker frames so they can’t see the blurry area outside the lenses.

Jenwench Le à , a écrit :

My glasses slip off all the time. If you go to the hair aisle and get the smallest rubber bands and loop them around the temple tip (the parts that go over your ears), they almost never fall off. With wearing face masks, this became an absolute necessity for me.

K Le à , a écrit :

Congrats on 600 strips! I only just found it, what a journey it’s been! Perhaps with glasses I can finally read the early strips on this site design!

AirshipSlice Le à , a écrit :

I’ve worn glasses for 20 of my 30 years on Earth. ALWAYS keep extra bridge pads and screws SOMEWHERE you can find them easily! I don’t know if you guys have these in France, but stores like Walmart here in the States usually have these little tubes with spare screws and a tiny screwdriver in them. Sometimes you can find slightly bigger tube-kit-things that have spare pads in there. A little more expensive, but well worth it. Also, DON’T use window cleaner on the lenses. Most lenses have coatings on them and the cleaner might break those coatings down, making it easier to leave finger prints and, depending on the cost of the glasses, easier to scratch. Use alcohol pads or just cotton balls with rubbing alcohol. Last resort, your shirt.

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