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Running out of time

- Strip n°480
I feel powerless.
That’s the feeling that I dread the most and that leaves me the most resentful.
I vaguely know that whatever amount of effort I spend for our planet, even if I dedicated myself to this cause until I go crazy, I will always crash against the gigantic wall of the immutable ways of thinking that   solely on “growth”.
I do believe that every little action has an impact. Education is key. Our children are our hope. Unfortunately, I believe that time is really against us. If we want to have a chance, change must come from the states and the people who lead them. Come to think of it, it should come from every single earthling.
We are billions, facing a few thousands of people who confiscated, soiled and pillaged our planet in our names, whether we want it or not. In the name of progress, and our wellness, but mostly for their own greed.
I still don’t know what we could do that would be practical and quick.
We’re running out of time.

We’ve ran out of time.


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MaldHyde Le à , a écrit :

Wow! Great Comic!
if you want to wage war on something you should start by reading the art of war by sun tzu.
What do you think about the Grand Solar Minimum?
also.Which climate models from the IPCC include solar output and activity and which models don’t?
Can you personally read or understand a single report (in it’s entirety, not just a graph) put out by that organization? in detail? Can you make a truly informed argument either way? or must you just “take their word for it”?

Who Fact Checks the Fact checkers?

“but I’m an artist! I can’t learn science and things! I’m not a science person! I’m helpless!”
Challenge yourself, be more than you think you can be.
Don’t self limit. It’s unhealthy. causes cancer.

Fixing the planet starts at one place.
not “the kids are our future” not “we need to fix education” Don’t blame other people.

“I still don’t know what we could do that would be practical and quick.”
Of course not. How could you, in your current position possibly think of a “quick fix” for the planet?
That’s basically like saying “I’m sure I can come up with a quick fix for why this Helicopter doesn’t fly, Something I know nothing about”

You must have a holistic understanding and expertise of the entire world’s climate before you can even pretend to think about coming up with a “fix”

I’m sad you don’t have a skeptical bone in your body, You only question people you are “supposed” to question.
although kudos, because I must admit. This the first place I’ve ever seen the “Trump is bad” argument.
Clearly a wholly unique and original political stance, Very impressive. You’ve really opened up my eyes to a new perspective.

Obama was at war for 8 straight years, bombing hospitals and doing horrible horrible stuff.
Trump is making peace with N.K.
The media loved Obama and told everyone to love him.
The media hate trump and tell everyone to hate him.
Why would they do this?
Every story has two sides, Every person has (at least) two sides.

All and all.
Great comic. But a little misguided. (not your fault, you are supposed to be misguided, confused and angry)
But you’re smart, you’re an artist. and your heart is in the right place. I have full faith in you.

and remember, Humans are the only cancer that can cure themselves.
What drives people to become cancer?
Are they willingly cancer?
Who are the people that act like cancer?
Can anyone become cancer?
are you cancer?
Could you be a better person?
How do you live in a way that isn’t cancer?
what would the world look like if everyone lived that way?
How would you Draw it?

“If we want to have a chance, change must come from the states and the people who lead them”
Please, please please. PLEASE don’t think this way.
This is the thought process of a slave.
“only the master can fix this”
You are a free thinker. Please start thinking that way.

“In the name of progress”
Define every aspect of this word, to yourself. “progress” in and of itself isn’t inherently good.
Hitler “progressed” to a better society.
be careful. Think for yourself. Question things you normally wouldn’t.

Malcolm D. Hyde

Mo Le à , a écrit :

I agree on pretty much anything you said, but in terms of the nuclear reactor… it is to this day sadly the best solution to our energy problems we have. a nuclear power plant might create waste, that haunts us for a short eternity, yes, however it still is better than burning fossile fuels.

who knows if we might find a solution to the radioactive waste in the future, but instead of that, cutting nuclear power plants down and trying our hardest to live on other energies is no wise alternative in my oppinion.

yes, we should focus on energy sources that are eco-friendly, like wind, water and the sun, but as things stand… they are not very effective nowdays and te research take too much time. time, we don’t have. also they are in their own way harmfull to the enviroment. solar pannels need too much silicon, wind-power plants endanger birds and for water turbines to work, we need to construct dams, which destroy whole landscapes…

in our day and age we need to rely on nuclear energy as much as possible, for they create no threat to the climate, which we have to face NOW, for our mistakes in the past.

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