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Starfish part. 2

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Starfish part. 2

- Strip n°505
Hello everyone!

This week, Fang, Starfish and a giant, angry and sniffly chicken await you in 3 brand new pages of Tori no Kaze.

As a side note for the die-hard among you who have decided not to read this serie until its ending: I get your choice, however, there’s no way I can guarantee that there will be no spoilers for a year. I may discuss Tori no Kaze in blog posts, or some of the thumbnails on social media may be revealing. While this is unfortunate, I chose that particular publishing format so this story can finally happen. My advice: follow the story as it progresses with me. It’s also very enjoyable and you’ll reduce your stress level massively!

Have a great week everyone!

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MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

The white-haired “girl” is dressed similar to the protagonist of “My Hero Academia”! XD

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