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Thailand Breakaway – 2

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Thailand Breakaway – 2

- Strip n°408
Hullo everyone,

This week, I give you the sequel to our trip in Thailand, with our arrival in Bangkok. Since Hanami I didn’t get to draw complex and heavy environment such as this one. I hope that even with the more relaxed style of the blog, I was able to make you get a good feel of this country’s atmosphere. All in all, I am glad I said I would alternate between classical strips and Thailand strips because it takes me quite a lot of time and this weekend, we’ll be hard at work moving into our new home ! So many cardboard boxes to pack and cleaning up to do, I hope I’ll have enough time to work on the upcoming strip @_@ (Worst case scenario, I’ll send you my hologram, like Jean Luc *!)

Many kisses people ! Have a lovely week :)


*Jean Luc Melanchon is a French politician who recently held two meetings at once. In one of them, his hologram was on stage !

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