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Thailand Breakaway

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Thailand Breakaway

- Strip n°406
Hullo boys and girls !

Aaah back to work…

I didn’t remember it was so hard to get back into it after the holidays...

Though it’s been a while I didn’t get to experience a complete break from work. So I don’t know if it’s natural to terribly wanna bask on the couch and turn on the consoles instead of burning with a relentless motivation for the delayed paperwork, the ongoing projects, the strips, the moving from the house and the approaching book signings.
If you have a way to miraculously keep some of the relaxation of the holidays without falling right then and there into the stress wagon, I’m all hears !

Anyways, we start with a first Thailand strip ! I won’t be systematically making one every week because I’d like to alternate with some more simple strips, but there is a lot to tell, probably for like 8 or 9 strips.
You’ll let me know if you like the journey diary format :) (maybe you don’t care one bit for my holidays ^^; )

Have a great week you all !



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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

Awesome comic! T-Rex mode, indeed! 😀

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