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The big move

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Thailand Breakaway 3 - The King

The big move

- Strip n°411
Hullo boys and girls !

A lot of upheaval this week, but I’ll say no more, everything is already in the strip !

Have a good read ;)

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Commentaires :

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KMorisato Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

Another kitty! :3

aon Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

I’m going to be visiting Brittany sometime soon… maybe I’ll meet you all!

EbonySable Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

Panel 3: Is it a skylight? The French comic calls it a light well. The difference (I have been told) is that a skylight is in the ceiling, while a light well is in the wall.

Also: Enjoy your new home!

Kamino Neko Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

@EbonySable – what you describe sounds more like a clerestory window. Lightwells, at least in English, are vertical shafts meant to bring light, and air, to areas which otherwise would be poorly lit and ventilated. I don’t know French very well, but a quick check suggests that the phrase used, while translating directly as light well, actually refers to skylights.

Given context, what they have is certainly a skylight.

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