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The job from hell

- Strip n°554
Hello summer peeps!

I know I haven’t given any sign of life for a while, but don’t worry, I’m still alive and in good health. Physical health is good anyway… My mental health...well, we’ll see.

Instead of worrying myself sick, I decided to make a strip!

Take care and enjoy the summer if you can! Feel free to share your crappiest jobs; you’ll feel better afterwards.


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memnarch Le à , a écrit :




AirshipSlice Le à , a écrit :

Reminds me of my last two years in middle school, middle school is years 6-8 over here in the States. The first year(year 7 for me, switched schools to the one in this story between year 6 and 7) I was there, I was a library assistant. The last half of that year, I was asked to organize and catalogue the entire A/V room. A/V rooms are the rooms where the school keeps the tv’s, movies, projectors, and any other electronic-related teaching aid.
This hadn’t been done for years. I organized and listed all the movies we had and all the ones missing. I listed all the light bulbs for projectors we had and if we needed more. I organized all the projectors, tested them, wrote down the number assigned to them, and let the librarian know of any broke ones. I listed all the tv’s.
Then, over the summer, some assholes broke in, broke half the projectors, paint the floor with toner from broken toner cartridges, and stole a lot of things. I had to go back through and do it all again the next year. I wasn’t even in the A/V club and I wasn’t allowed to loan out anything in there. I just catalogued, cleaned, and organized.

SSJCyberSonic Le à , a écrit :

Be glad you escaped. I’ve been stuck in a job like this since 2013.

…send help.

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