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- Strip n°467
How I like bank holidays, Ulule campaigns (we’re self-publishing our 2nd book) and weddings! :D

I hope you’re enjoying the spring, and if you haven’t done it yet, check out our amazing Ulule video (it’s in French, but it’s the good stuff) and our next book (in French too, but our translators dream that one day, the English-speaking community will be big enough to have an English-speaking version of the book - don’t kill their dreams)!

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KMorisato Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :


Pierre Lebeaupin Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

And allow me to add: it is my dream, too!

The Variable Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

Are we getting a glimpse into this year’s version of Game of Kermesse… The Pink and Gold Wedding? 🙂

I’m totally giving that to you! Play with that if you will! 😀

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