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It's holidays

Wunderbar ! Sehr gut !!

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Little queen of the night

Wunderbar ! Sehr gut !!

- Strip n°47

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

My attempt at translation:

Panel 1
Caption: Game Convention of Liepzig, Germany
“Well, let’s do the report. This is the first time I’ve covered a video game show.”

Panel 2
(in German) “Welcome!”

Panel 3

Panel 4
“Why do I get the impression that I’ve walked into a bikini show?”
“… Or a brothel?”

As always, I hope Becky or Mali will correct any mistranslation on my part.

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    Please don’t do it in comment, but by email 🙂
    I’ve changed with your version, except the last sentence (too rude)

bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Will do; thank you!

And my apologies if I seemed rude in my word choice; in the States, that would be considered the polite term for a, umm, “house of negotiable affection.” It apparently does not always translate well. :Oops:

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