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New strip : The chef

This week, we prepared our stomachs for the end of the year festivities with a strip that teaches us that appearances can be deceptive. Judging is bad!
We’re back! We’re taking it easy this week, because we don’t want to waste all the good rest from our holidays!
Hello everyone, DoodleRush here. In the hope of freeing himself from servitude and to strip the pink-haired tyrant from power, Souillon decided ...
Hi everyone, Raf here! I’m leaving my scribbles on Maliki’s gorgeous website while she and Becky are away for the holidays, mwahaha!  

New strip : Clarity

This week, I’m really feeling the effects of finishing off the illustrated signatures for the Super Collector editions of the book… ...
Did I, or did I not tell you that my mental health might be wobbling in the next few weeks?  
With Becky and my dad, playing the part of the warehousemen for 4 days, we’ve managed to finish all 5,000 signatures for the collector ...

New strip : I do

Hello everyone! After 2 weeks aways, I had to come back with something huge. Well, there you go, the D-Day!

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