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Actualités : Strip

Every year, video games become more violent and take an ever bigger place in the daily life of teenagers. Should we be afraid?
Hi everyone! This week, as planned, we’re started alternating with 7 previously unpublished pages of Hanami!
Hello everyone! I hope you’re keeping well! This year, we are going to do things a bit differently…
Hello everyone!After all the emotions of last week, today we’ll relax with a pastoral anecdote and a little update about our mini-farm.

New strip : Baking

Sometimes you get a box of chocolates, sometimes it’s the gift of a new life.

New strip : The chef

This week, we prepared our stomachs for the end of the year festivities with a strip that teaches us that appearances can be deceptive. Judging is bad!
We’re back! We’re taking it easy this week, because we don’t want to waste all the good rest from our holidays!
Hello everyone, DoodleRush here. In the hope of freeing himself from servitude and to strip the pink-haired tyrant from power, Souillon decided ...

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