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Condition of survival ?

- Strip n°399
Hullo boys and girls,

Exhausted and with bags under our eyes, Becky and I are just coming back from the Toulouse Game Show. We were hit face first with all your enthusiasm, like a huge wave of support that left us deceased but happy. Thank you to all those that came to discover the Maliki Blog in preview, it was a great experience !

Fortunately, because I am far sighted, I planned a strip (a little hastily, before the cat faces took over...) just before we left. Here it is tonight, and I hope you’ll like it !

On that note Ima go back to counting piles of books and goodies, because on Wednesday, the society charged with preparing the packages is gonna come and get all the international orders. It leaves me 24 hours to finish at least 280 out of the 2000 cat faces… I only need to find a good show to seek my teeth into for the day, so my mind can stay busy through the night !

See you all soon, kisses !

Mali @_@

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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

I’m glad this is just a comic! For a minute, I thought you actually had a house fire happen.

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