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Heed the birds

Graduate from high school…later!

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Graduate from high school…later!

- Strip n°471
Hi Peeps! This week, I’m still too much of a mess to take care of the strip. However, I’ve found a great substitute; she won’t let you down!

Take care and talk soon!

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Oh, dear; should have taken Doang up on that offer, Fang. Although I’m afraid it would only delay the inevitable.

There will come times in your life, our beautiful Little Star, that you will feel betrayed by those whom you most love. These times will pass, though, and you will go on to know even greater moments of love and joy, I promise. Just hang on through the coming storm. Stars shine on in the heavens even when storm-clouds obscure the sky from our limited sight.

KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

She’s still a child and doesn’t know… ;_;

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