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Heed the birds

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Heed the birds

- Strip n°469
Hi peeps! This week, Nature enraptured us, because nothing is more beautiful.

As I'm writing this note, we're getting into the last 10 days of our Ulule campaign (our 2nd self- published book), and we've got just under 5,000 pre-orders of the new book, Maliki Blog. It's huge and you've unlocked the magnet Lady, which is something I really wanted to do! The next level will be a pretty nice surprise too, and I'm sure you’ll get to unlock it! In about 10 days, we'll be able to go back to a quasi-normal life that won't be so dependent on the highs and lows of the campaign: the worry, the passion, the stress, all equally positive and negative ^^ I hope you'll all rally around us until the very end. You're probably sick of hearing about this campaign every single day, but we're almost done! I know we're having a great time with our little Savonnax story, but it's a ginormous project for us! It's like a permanent crash test to check whether we should keep going with self-publishing and being independent artists, or not. Anyway, I hope we'll get to the same apotheoses that we reached last time! :D

Ok, got to go back to work on my last videos now! There will probably be no strip next week, but instead we'll do a little end of the campaign video. Until then, take care and...
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