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Ring around the rosie

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The theory of evolution

Ring around the rosie

- Strip n°528
This week, we tested our iron willpower and our impervious hearts against the all time champion of cuteness. Who will be the winner?! Place your bets!


Note from the translator: Capucine is French for Garden Nasturtium, it’s also the title of a well known nursery rhyme that is way darker than it may seem (Dansons la Capucine) and is the French equivalent to Ring around the rosie.

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Well, “Ring Around the Rosie” is pretty dark, too, when one looks into its origins. It is about the Plague, after all.

Congratulations on adopting a new family member! (Wills of Iron are highly overrated, in my opinion. Who wants to carry one of those gods-awful heavy things around, every day? That’s what I want to know!)

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