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Health guidance

- Strip n°543
This week, we talk about hygiene… with a caveat.

I hope you’re doing ok during your confinement. Well, as well as can be expected during an anxiogenic and overmediatised confinement.
Here, we’re trying to keep working without watching the news too often. We’re kind of in a bubble. We’re trying to prepare a few surprises for you, while spending some time with Tiko.
To be fair, it often happens to me to spend over a week without leaving the confine of my garden. It’s my hermit artist superpower and it’s quite useful these days. My garden is my most treasured possession.

Talk to you soon and take care of yourselves and those around you.


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memnarch Le à , a écrit :


Franz Le à , a écrit :

Excuse me, I don’t want to be a know-all, but are you using a plastic/wood spoon for the kid’s meal?
Some kid’s (like me, a looooot of time ago, when pterosaurs was still flying) don’t accept metallic spoon. It’s a way to refuse the other ideas/imposition (they feel the metallic thing like an unwelcome idea you try to make him accept ).
My mother use for a while plastic spoon, then when I was older (and start to accept the fact that food is good and to eat is a VERY INTERESTING way to usetime) turn it in “normal” spon…
ps: sorry for my terrible English…

Franz Le à , a écrit :

ps: about the crap…no way to stop them , the kid are in love with that….you can try amputating his hands but I don’t think it would be enough…

KBABZ Le à , a écrit :

Hey look a Dr. Slump reference!

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