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- Strip n°435
Hello people!
I’m back at the helm! I hope you’ve enjoyed the break with our guest bloggers during my holidays. Did you? If you did, we’ll do it again; I love it when I can get other people to work instead of me!

It’s tough to get back to work! Our last visitors left this morning, the heat wave has returned, and getting back into the Strips straight away is basically blowing hot and cold water.
I must say that while these holidays have been very enjoyable, they haven’t exactly been relaxing. WHY…do you ask?

Have a great week everyone!

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Commentaires :

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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

Ouch. Americans are people, too. We didn’t all vote that way.

Mattomatteo Le à , a écrit :

Ah, the infamous “why…?” phase…
Every child pass through it… but some are more troublesome than other: my brother, much like the one of your strip, (almost) drove mad one of his teacher, in elementary school! XD

bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

No, KMorisato, we didn’t all vote for the man. But not enough of us voted otherwise, in the primaries nor in the general election, to prevent this mess, so now we have to clean it up.

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