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- Strip n°445

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Hi all!
I hope you enjoyed the Halloween week with Mascot. He really enjoyed his stay, and he’s now back in Hell, but don’t worry he’ll come back soon enough!
This week, I’m telling you a “short” story about my hens. It’s been a while!
As you may have realised the style is a bit on the rough side, because:
- the strip is 7 pages long
- My PC’s cooling system passed away during the weekend, which didn’t help get stuff done.
- And to add a cherry on top, my back is stuck in a far from comfortable posture...
Quite a lot of misfortunes, but I hope you’ll enjoy the result!
Sideway hugs,

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Commentaires :

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Any solution that involves fire gets my vote! ;-p

I hope your back gets feeling better soon, Mali; in the meantime, let Becky take care of you, and don’t go giving her a hard time. (Becky, I understand that a good single-malt Scotch can do wonders during times of back pain. You might also share some with the patient, too. ;-p )

Wind of Chaos Le à , a écrit :

Thumbs up for Ragnaros’s solution:


Works every time.

odion Le à , a écrit :

Ha! I bought the very same for my Mons hens ^^

Astro Le à , a écrit :

When all else fails, fire. Fire works.

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