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Universal rage

Mali from Picardy

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Mali from Picardy

- Strip n°33

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

My own poor attempt at translation:

Panel 1
“What’s up?!”

Panel 2
“So, was it cool to go see “Brice of Nice” at the movies with me?”
“Ah? You weren’t there?”

Panel 3
“Well, that’s because I didn’t invite you, then …”

Panel 4

“(XXL, this strip, no?)” translator’s note: possibly to be translated as “Extra funny, this strip, no?” in reference to the previous week’s strip

Hopefully, Becky or Mali will correct any mistranslation on my part.

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    Done ! I didn’t sow that this strip was in french in the english website ^^

bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Also, I don’t know if Picardy girls in France have a reputation similar to Valley girls in the U.S., but that would add a further, cross-cultural dimension to the humor as well as explaining why Maliki is suddenly blonde, this week.

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    Maliki is blonde because of the movie, not because of Picardy

bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Thank you!

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