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No Pressure

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No Pressure

- Strip n°431
It’s funny; my job is to be creative, and I don’t usually lack for ideas. But when it comes to gifts, my lack of ideas throws me into unfathomable depths of anxiety. Every year. °o°

Today’s was the penultimate strip before the Maliki Corp’s summer holidays.
Becky, a few friends (Do you remember Sophie and Harry?) and myself, are going to spend a week on a retreat in a house based in the middle of nowhere (here). During the second week, we’ll be turning our own brand-new house into an inn for our friends.
We’re really going to try and do a digital detox during these two weeks! BUT, fear not! You know how I hate leaving the website unguarded, so I’ll leave the keys to 2 QUALITY guests who will be free to do whatever they want with it while I’m gone.
In truth, they are quite the shady characters, so it may not be such a good idea, but sure, we’ll see what happens...

Have a great week everyone!


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Mattomatteo Le à , a écrit :

The stress is over 9000! XD

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