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Once a tramp…

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Hello there

Once a tramp…

- Strip n°438
This week, I present Howler, forever tramp.

Just a reminder that Becky and I will be signing in Valence on Saturday and Sunday during the Mangalaxy exhibition.

I was delighted to be able to create the official exhibition poster. You might be able to win a few canvas prints during the drawing contest! We hope to see a LOT of you!
Stay tuned to our social networks and you can win 2 tickets! :)

Oh, and just in case you missed it, here is the Timelapse video of the Chrono Trigger illustration for Tipeee in August (it was one of the goals! Thanks!). It’s on Youtube. A full 38 minutes of tips, hell, and good music!  Enjoy!

Take care, people!





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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

MA-RON = F*** No

Erik Le à , a écrit :

Cats don’t like to pee and poop near their food or water. Would you?

polter guest Le à , a écrit :

it’s just where it is stored, they don’t eat there.
(but he sleep there, it seem)

Almond Le à , a écrit :

This cat is missing the point so so much…

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