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Trivial turorial 3 : For the love of birds


- Strip n°534

Hi Everyone!

This week’s special with 7 new pages of Tori no Kaze, the endless project! This episode is titled “Sisters”. Please, take your time to enjoy as these comics take forever to create and there won’t be enough time for another episode until 2020. We’ll get there… eventually!

Relieved hugs.



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AirshipSlice Le à , a écrit :

It’s been so long, I didn’t think you’d continue the story! Now I know you will and you just want to post the slice-of-life stuff for a while, then do the serious scripted stuff, then switch back. I can’t wait for more of the story!

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    Thank you so much ;o;
    We really have to translate the first part of the story !

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