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The scratcher

- Strip n°377

Hello everyone!

This week, Feanor is the star!

That's funny, because every time I think that I have nothing more to tell you about him, he comes up with new stories... I'm suspecting him to try, in his twisted way, to perpetuate this webcomic forever... and keep the catfood flowing...

Anyway, have a good week and take care!



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Commentaires :

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xOzellius Le à , a écrit :

You just gave me back my sleep. Thanks you so much T_T
Indeed, i have a lovely cat who have the tree quirks , but i still like him.. for now e_e

MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

But the sound of the vacuum cleaner don’t disturb you too? Oo’

Leaf Le à , a écrit :

My cat recently began clawing up the carpet at the end of the hallway. My story was the same because he would run away as soon as he heard me like I was going to chase him and play. After reading your comic, the problem is quickly becoming fixed!

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