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- Strip n°417
Hullo everyone !

Today, I’m allowing myself a mischievous analogical spin to show off the both thrilling, tiresome and dangerous exercise that the sign in represents for an author (at least some of them).
So let me reassure you, I have only kindness towards the sometimes overwhelming enthusiasm that you demonstrate when we meet.
In all honesty, I am so glad to see your little eyes brighten, your hands shaking when you get your book back, your cheeks going red when we exchange a few words. In those moments, I feel like everything I do has a purpose and that I’m right where I’m supposed to be…

But for frack’s sake, stop asking me to draw six characters in full armor fighting a dragon (in full armor) with two heads, and kitties (in full armor) on his shoulder pads !
Seriously ! °A°

Have a good weeks boys and girls. I love you !


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