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We all know that comic blogs are so 2017. Everyone knows that the future is in the video tutorials.
Hi peeps! This week, we will tame the deceitful Mother Nature with kickass technology and magic!
Hello everyone! It is believed that every 4 years, the planets align in a way that create disastrous quantic disturbance and that they are strong ...
Hi Peeps! This week, I’m still too much of a mess to take care of the strip. However, I’ve found a great substitute; she won’t let you down!  
Hi peeps! This week, Nature enraptured us, because nothing is more beautiful.  
This week, I’m trying to transmute some of my grief into a funny anecdote. I must say, that’s far from easy…
How I like bank holidays, Ulule campaigns (we’re self-publishing our 2nd book) and weddings! 😀
This week we explore the metaphysical conundrums of parallel universes and their unavoidable absurdities. Yeap!  

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