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With Becky and my dad, playing the part of the warehousemen for 4 days, we’ve managed to finish all 5,000 signatures for the collector ...
A special illustration for Patreon this month 🙂

New strip : I do

Hello everyone! After 2 weeks aways, I had to come back with something huge. Well, there you go, the D-Day!
It is a pastoral tradition that we will never forget, but despite the huge bucolic stretches, a burnout may lay in wait under each blade of ...
I feel powerless. That’s the feeling that I dread the most and that leaves me the most resentful.  
An illustration about my new novel on my patreon !
Lately, my days can be summed up as a juggle-fest between deadlines, while walking the tight-rope above the burnout chasm.  

New strip : Alibi

Hi peeps! A few days ago, Maliki handed over the keys of the blogs and naively told me that I had “carte blanche”! That was great timing because ...

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