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- Strip n°492

Some presents you see coming miles away and some are more surprising, coming from people you know. Sometimes you get a box of chocolates, sometimes it’s the gift of a new life. In both cases you never know what you’re gonna get, but you always hope it will be delicious.

Kisses to everyone and let’s get this hardcore mode adventure started!


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Commentaires :

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ZPedro Le à , a écrit :

A strong contender for the “Best Use of Animation in a Webcomic” 2018 award.

Funny that, I’d have pegged Becky as completely bi (and Mali as heteroflexible). That’ll teach me to just assume.

The Variable Le à , a écrit :

Hey, congrats!

Wind of Chaos Le à , a écrit :

I knew it! I fucking knew it!
I had suspicion since I saw Fénimale’s behavior at the wedding. And the final image of that page was the confirmation.

In any case, congratulations. You played yourself. (The best way possible.)

Pok Le à , a écrit :

congrat. and good luck. and courage, too.

Mad Skull Le à , a écrit :

I KNOW IT … !!! the best for both of you guys.

Mar’Dur Taren Le à , a écrit :

Soon you will have lots of material to do strips about…
and no time to do them…

The animation really captured the feelings you were trying to express. Beautiful work.

MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

Well, congratulation on both of you… ^_^’
Fang seems excited to becone a “big sister”. XD

Zrein Le à , a écrit :

Wow! congrats 😀

memnarch Le à , a écrit :


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