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Dead or alive

- Strip n°428
It is common knowledge that having pets is a good way to learn about life. Tis not completely wrong. But I wouldn’t have said life… Although life leaves a mark, apparently ! All those cliches seem a little too easy...

And here we are in July… I need to mentally prepare myself to work in summer (we’re taking a week off in August !! *o*) AND not getting as many reactions to my strips, since many of you will be on holidays, doing far more relaxing and thrilling activities than surfing the internet and social networks (and I totally get that !).
It might be the opportunity for me to slow down a bit and try to enjoy the nice weather (YES !), the lack of work related emails (Yeaaaaah), and all the people that will come by thousands to visit me. (Aaarg, I need to come up with menus and trips to do !).
...We’ll see. Anyways, I can’t ever manage to stop completely, but what’s for sure is that I won’t be making the same mistake as last year, starting a full “Game Of Kermesse” saga. That was quite the overkill !
Nope, I’ll just try and “relax”.
“I’m relaxed…”
“Relaxed…taking it easy...”
I’m really not comfortable saying that word ! I’ll need to get used to it.
Alright, have a nice week y'all ! <3

(sorry, only french video...)

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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

Bravo! 🙂

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