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- Strip n°464
Hi peeps!

A little cat story this week, just because it’s been a while (hasn’t it?). I’m not quite sure whether or not I’ll have enough time for a strip next week because, Becky and I are going to Barcelona next weekend for the International Comic Book Convention. As you probably know, the Maliki Blog has been localised and published in Spanish, and we got lucky enough to be invited to meet our Spanish speaking readers! We’re really lucky, and to add a cherry on top, the event organisers even made sure we had time to visit the city. That’s so incredibly rare that we can’t quite believe it!

Take care people and see you soon!

Mali de la Vega

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KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

I had harbored a homeless cat for a few weeks. I can verify that they will eat just about anything. They will also eat too much, to the point of vomiting.

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