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- Strip n°500
In these times of winter pandemics, let’s talk about medicine, beliefs and worms. I know, long time!
Take care of yourselves. Here is a tip from Brittany if you’re feeling under the weather: in a large mug of warm milk, add a leg of crow and the gob of spit from a virgin. That will protect you from all the germs. Unless an adder came to drink from the cow’s teat. This tends to happens a lot during the full moon, so be careful!

Mystical kisses!

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Virtem Le à , a écrit :

Well, I have no idea what happens here, but I understand that someone has worms somewhere, the best solution is to drink (or apply in the affected section) vinegar, if that does not work, drink some oil, to clean the system.

I am from South America, specifically from Southern Cone and here we do not have this magic medicine in our culture (probably because of the Spanish inquisition), and if there is probably influence of USA (magic crystals and homeopathic things), we usually take some pills (without prescription) or drink herbal infusions (or tea)

MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

It’s better I don’t write what I think about “magical medicine”… -_-‘
Everyone it’s free to use the medicine he prefers, but not when it involve the healt of another person (anti-vax parents, I’m speaking about you!)!

Mo Le à , a écrit :

let natural selection take it’s course.

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