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2019 here we come!

Kyoto part. 1

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The redemption escalation

Kyoto part. 1

- Strip n°495
Hi everyone!
This week, as planned, we're started alternating with 7 previously unpublished pages of Hanami! Once again, these drawings are over 7 years old, so you can see the stylistic differences. I hope it won't stop you from reading ;) Once we're done with Hanami, we'll start with Part 2: Tori no Kaze, in a more contemporary style.
If you haven't read Hanami, have a look at last week's recap so you can pick the story up.

Kisses to everyone.
Wait, let's just go with one global kiss that everyone can share, otherwise, we'll still be there next year...

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aon Le Ă  , a Ă©crit :

Going to Japan soon so reading these is getting me even more excited!

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