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Logistic Simplicity

- Strip n°395
Sometimes I get myself into much too complicated things...

And it’s also true for this strip ! Usually I will start the Tuesday’s strip many days in advance, to have plenty of time, but it was impossible last week because we had to finish the Maliki Blog, working 16 hours a day, so we could send it to the printer this morning (yipeeeee !!). As a result, I only had a day to make this strip, and if that wasn’t enough : “Hey, what if I make it 7 pages long ! Trolilol !! :D”

Long story short, Ima crash myself on the couch now. Have a good evening you all !



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MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

I hope you “payed” the persons that helped you, with a free drawing. 😉

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