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Clingy cat

- Strip n°394
Hullo everyone !

This week we solved another feline mystery. Despite what Fang might say, I’m sure it doesn’t just happen to me !
On the working side, we are still extremely focused on finishing the Maliki Blog book and the Ulule fundraiser but we’ll make it eventually !
It’s still happening right here :

We are now at almost 440 % of our starting goal, and getting closer slowly but surely to the 500 % and the Fëanor badge.
I want to remind you because I get asked a lot, the unlocked goodies will be sent to everyone, whether you take the standard or collector edition, or whether you pre-ordered at the beginning or at the end of the campaign.

To sum things up, if you pre-order today a standard edition tome, for 20€ you’ll get :
- the book
- including delivery costs
- a bookmark
- a postcard
- 3 pages of stickers
- a swipe card
- a cell print
- And if we get to 500% before the end of the campaign, a Feanor badge.

Those goodies will not be available elsewhere and the book will be very hard to find afterwards in the stores, so to those who are still unaware of the project or who are hesitating, you still have one more week to take advantage of this pre-order offer :)

I also hope that all the artists are hard at work on the fanart contest. We already received some amazing pieces, and I hope they will keep coming along !

Lots of kisses, and see you all next week !

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Captcha Le à , a écrit :

Hey Maliki, j’adore tes strips mais t’as fait une ou deux fautes d’orthographe dans ta traduction anglaise.

-“Computer” ne prend pas de “e” a la fin.
-On ne dit pas “he is the undead” mais “he is undead” (Je sais pas si c’est intentionnel)
-Lorsque l’on se met sur les genoux de quelqu’un on ne dit pas “sitting on my knees” mais “sitting on my lap”.
“Sitting on the knees” c’est se mettre à genoux.

Voila, je suis juste un peu tatillon. Bye.

    Becky Le à , a écrit :

    N’hésite pas à nous envoyer un mp quand tu vois une erreur. On préfère réserver l’espace commentaire pour les anglophones qui souhaiteraient parler du strip.
    Merci pour ta compréhension 🙂

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