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- Strip n°546
Hi everyone!

Meli speaking, some of you might know me from the old version of the Maliki forums, where I was a moderator of the Creative Atelier! (that sure brings me back)

Today I'm killing two birds with one stone: I'm giving Maliki and Becky a much needed rest before the marathon awaiting them, but furthermore I'm making a childhood dream come true. She doesn't know it, but I owe here everything: her work was what gave me enough strenght to pursue an artistic degree, then she introduced me to the game Dofus, where I could finally land my first job and start my video game developer carrier.

I will never be able to thank her enough for changing my life, but I'm thanking her from the bottom of my heart today for giving me this opportunity with this little nostalgic comic strip, may it inspire you to believe in your dreams too! :D

Best of luck everyone!
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