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Regulatory body

- Strip n°547
This week, we received an unexpected and unwelcomed visit, despite the confinement. I’m hoping you will enjoy this new character as well as the effort that this extra long strip took (that’s the reason why you didn’t get a strip last week). 

Right, so I only have 3 days left to create the monthly illustration and then I’ll move on to the Ulule campaign prep… I’m just forging ahead! But before I kick into that, I’ll take comfort in a huge pile of crêpes and chocolate.

Take care everyone and see you soon!

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Commentaires :

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Neat new character! I … Like? Her. I think. (Opinion subject to change with developments.)

samuraitiger Le à , a écrit :

I immediately heard the voice of Shelby Rabara (the voice of Peridot) when reading Nanie.

memnarch Le à , a écrit :

😀 😀

MattoMatteo Le à , a écrit :

@samuraitiger: I image her with the voice of Edna Mode (from “The Incredibles”), instead.

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