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Please leave a review : Parenthood

- Strip n°603
A wild strip, or, let's be honest, a wild small album appears! When you're coming back from the depths, you'd better not come back empty handed! Don't hesitate to share it with all the young/potential/not parents. Sometimes it's comforting to have an honest return on experience. I think I would have felt reassured and more prepared if I had been told all of this before taking the plunge.

And long live the kids!

All the kisses, and thank you all for still being here despite the hazards of life!

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Commentaires :

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Yumo Le à , a écrit :

Je voudrais partager la note avec des amis étrangers, mais je remarque qu’à la 2e case au début, une partie du texte n’est pas traduit en anglais. Est-ce possible de corriger quand vous avez le temps?
J’espère que je ne suis pas ennuyante! J’ai adoré la note et elle est d’utilité publique !

Ebony Sable Le à , a écrit :

Adding to what Yumo has said, the title/link has a type (leace instead of leave), and the brain removal panel is missing a closing bracket after “whatever”.

On a personal note, I never liked children even when I was one. They were incomprehensible and annoying. I do understand them better now that I have the capacity to learn how brains work, but my brain mostly worked differently. It’s hard to feel a connection to someone you have next to nothing in common with.

KBABZ Le à , a écrit :

Very wise words Maliki. Thankfully today having a kid is not required for the continuation of our species, which means parenthood can be taken on a case-by-case basis. I also heavily agree that becoming a parent is a HUGE responsibility. Kids are expensive and time-consuming, and not everybody will be able to meet those realities at the current stage of their lives, so it’s unfair to pressure them into it.

Eykee Le à , a écrit :

Thank you thank you thank you thank you, so true. My daughter is now 3 years and 7 months. This has been beautifully explained. I never wanted kids, but decided to go for it in my very late 30’s. Best decision ever (steep process though!)

Thomas Ion Thunderbird Le à , a écrit :

You have hit the nail squarely on its head. There are few people I know of who have explained this as clearly as you have. It even brought a few tears of the trials and tribulations I experienced raising two girls. It is amazingly, mind numbingly hard. Thank you for your very honest and heartfelt opinion.

Zrein Le à , a écrit :

It has been a long time , i couldun’t read your comics since i have been a mom. I’m agree with you that nowadays it’s so hard to doing everithyng as we expected . The information in internet its usefull but also can confuse us. Rising a kid is like a hard MORPG: every hour of your first years, but in the game of the life we have also our prizes. Kisses from a family of 2 gamers parents 2 cats and our little prince :3

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