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Souillon’s lament

- Strip n°510
Hello everyone!

This week there's no strip. I know... sad.
However, there's a really good reason!
Do you remember the very end of the Ulule campaign?
When you unlocked the final stage: the anime intro song?

Remember when, as a joke, I wrote "B side: Souillon's Lament" on the album cover of the future single?

People asked me if I was serious, and I was like, "no duh". Then I called upon musicians for the single and I received Romain Watson's demo. And something magical happened. "Souillon's Lament... Why not!"
We worked on the piece and when I listened to Romain's draft, it became crystal clear. That was way beyond my wildest expectations! My single would not have a crappy B side, with an instrumental version or a lousy remix. My B side shall not be ashamed!
However... The A side will get an animated version...
"But what if... we shot a music video?!"

This is how last week, I ended up in Béthune, in a basement ridden with humidity and spiders to shoot the video for Souillon's Lament.

What a fancy tracking rail!
Don't let his t-shirt fool you

We had an animated storyboard, a few bits of equipment and a lot of help from Becky, Mélanie and Maxime, as well as the invaluable expertise of my mate Alex Pilot, and together we pieced together the video of Souillon's wretched life. By the way, Souillon is amazingly played by Romain Watson.

CUT! Guys, we said 6:02!

RIP trusty pencil; it's for a good cause.

Regardez moi cette pauvre petite chose... Et il voudrait qu'on le plaigne...

Look at this poor little one... Can't feel sorry for him, really...

Of course, I'll be making a few cameos (duh)!

We still have a good bit of work with the post-production, before we're able to show you this heart-rending satire of modern day slavery. However, with a little bit of luck and elbow grease, we should be able to show you the result at some point in June.

Snug as a bug in the rug!

I hope no-one got TB after spending time in this basement...

Anyway, take care everyone and next week you'll get a new episode of Tori no Kaze!


PS:  On the off-chance you missed one of my gazillion posts about this (thanks to Facebook's algorithm), here is the monthly illustration with a GoT theme. You have until midnight to get it!

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