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- Strip n°441
Hello everyone!
Let’s chill a little this week with an anecdote lighter than last week’s. ;) I’m pretty sure there are some amongst you who do the same as I do. Right???
On Saturday and Sunday we were in Madrid for our very first Spanish exhibition. We met with the readers of Hello Fucktopia and the Maliki Blog as they have been published there.

It was super quiet compared to the French exhibitions as few people have heard about us there! Everything is to be done in Spain! It’s both scary and exhilarating. Being published internationally puts our success back into perspective. We’re successful on a tiny corner of the planet earth! (To be fair, I’m happy enough with my amazing French-speaking community, I’m not really planning on conquering the world… yet! ^^)





















Bises et bonne semaine les gens !



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Commentaires :

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bitflipper Le à , a écrit :

Becky’s look in the 9th panel is utterly precious!

KMorisato Le à , a écrit :

I guess this explains some of the dropped plot arcs.

Jugler Le à , a écrit :

@KMorisato: actually she just decided to focus the blog on slice of life comics while keeping the plot arc and most surnatural elements for the albums, nothing is dropped.
Don’t think we can find thoses in english, though. maybe one day if the webcomic gain enough popularity outside of France.

Mattomatteo Le à , a écrit :

Well, if you enjoyed a serie/book/game, at the end you can re-watch/re-read/re-play it.
Not immediately, mind you, but after a time… in the meantime, there are a lots of other serie/book/game to watch/read/play.

I prefer the “slice-of-life” mode… too often, webcomic started as “slice-of-life”, when the author start focusing on plot arc, become too different, and i lose interest in them.

Jugler Le à , a écrit :

@Mattomatteo, exactly, and i think this is the reason why Maliki made this choice. so that people who enjoyed the slice of life webcomic don’t loose what they have been enjoying, while still giving the ocasion to develop the plot arcs in the albums for thoses who want this.
Still hope we get a english release for at least the Blog album someday. it happened in Spain, so who know.

hocus Le à , a écrit :

Conquer the world. At this point I believe you will be doing it a favour.

Becky Le à , a écrit :

We’re so happy to see people in english website, thank you ! (I probably already said that, but, it’s very new for us ^^)
I hope that one day a published will work with us in an english version of the Maliki BLOG 🙂

*move the flag* ohééé publishers, we’re here and ready ! 😀

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